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Providing the best value for your outreach investment.

How can P2P texting help my campaign?

Strategic Targeting

Start targeting voters who actually have an interest in your agenda.

You have access to more than 150 million unique voting-age individuals with full contact information including cell phone.

Craft Your Message

Does it make sense to send a 160 or 320 character text? Perhaps MMS will resonate more with voters.  What will the call to action be and how will we track it?

Our team will consult with you to make sure you have the best message delivered.

Have Our Team Do the Work

We have over 300 call center agents who will execute your campaign.

No need to find volunteers and spend your time managing, we take care of all that for you at the same cost per text as our competitors.

Spend your time on other important campaign initiatives !

By the Numbers

  • Over 95% deliverability rate
  • People read their text within a few minute of receipt
  • More than 50% of voters not only want to be able to receive information, but also reply or engage in a conversation via text.
  • Pricing as low as 4 cents per text which includes labor !

Our Value

Our competitors charge a monthly license fee. We have NO additional cost to set up and manage your campaign, provide human resources to execute the texts, and report the analytics. Simply pay one fixed cost per text and we will do the rest of the work for you!

We give you the flexibility of control if you want a SaaS based solution, or have us do all the work for you without any additional cost. Leverage our proprietary technology paired with our call center operations to make peer to peer texting drive votes for you!

Why Text?

Peer to Peer texting is a highly effective outreach tool targeting non opt in data. We have the ability to send over 100,000 text messages every hour with a 95% deliverability rate! Set up is easy and campaigns can launch within 48 hours.

  • Research shows e-Mail has 20% open rate within 90 minutes, while text has 98% open rates within 90 seconds!
  • 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.
  • 85% of consumers not only want to be able to receive information, but also reply to businesses or engage in a conversation via text.


  • Rapid auto response
  • Clickthrough tracking
  • Secure data and information
  • Free cell vs landline indication
  • Message templates
  • Best time to text playbook


  • Under 100,000 – 7 cents per text
  • 100K-250K – 5 cents per text
  • Over 500k – 3.5 cents per text

         *MMS rates are 3.5 cents more per text

3 Core Benefits of Our P2P Text Platform

Reliable and Flexible

We have a 95% deliverability rate! Set up is easy and campaigns can launch within 24 hours.

Once we have the list and message we will do all the work for you and report back the analytics.

Human Resources

With the backing of our 300 seat call center, we have the resources to staff your project and execute over 100,000 text per hour.

You will not need to find volunteers, set up and manage the campaign, and spend time dealing with replies.  We do all of it for you at the same cost per text as our competition.

No Monthly Fees

Most P2P Text platforms are SaaS offerings charging you a monthly fee if you use it or not.

On top of the monthly fees you also have to pay a cost per text, cost per reply, and learn how to use the system.

We offer a full service platform for one low cost per text !

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