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Cloud Based Technology

Our call center solution is an Asterisk based telephony platform. The call center software offers a multi-channel ACD for handling voice, email, and other media as well as the necessary tools to setup and manage your contact center. It is multi-tenant, offering both unified communications (UC) and feature-rich IP PBX functionality capable of supporting remote distributed architecture.

The “Visual Call Flow” builder within our ACD can be used to create complex call routing while offering Skills-based-routing and Queue prioritization for call distribution. We can also build sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) through this tool. The inbuilt “Script-builder” creates custom scripts for agent customer interactions, embed web applications and integrate to back-end applications. Our software also includes a powerful Dialer, a host of features, and real-time and historical reporting for data analytics.

Modern Tools

Advanced dialer, good custom script builder, customizable wrap-codes, effective list management and good reporting are essential for any outbound call center project. Our call center suite comes with an efficient compliant predictive dialer and a compact expandable CRM to provide the necessary tool for setting up an effective outbound contact project.

We can setup multi-page scripting with branching capability as well as access any other web enabled CRM like “” or “SugarCRM”. The call center technology platform has ready made features like “call recording”, “snoop” and “whisper” for quality improvement.

Outbound Contact Center Features 

  • Campaign Management
  • Lead and List Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Customizing Agent Screens
  • Script Builder
  • Integration to your existing systems
  • Dialer controls

Data Management

We have the ability to manage and control your outbound campaign effectively. We will set up lists, agent dialer, scripts and dispositions, all from simple intuitive graphical user-interface. We don’t require tech staff to work on your project every time you need something changed. All your features for outbound campaign management and dialer are right out of the box and simple to use for our Project Managers.


  • Multiple Lists per Campaign
  • List control to Activate, Pause and Retire Lists
  • Disposition and Scripts per List
  • Lead templates for Loading Lists
  • Call blocking of the DNC List
  • Maintain in-house DNC list
  • Enforcement of Time of the Day regulation
  • Automatic Recycle of Leads for Busy, No-Answer, etc.
  • Export leads to Excel, CSV or directly into database

Measure the strength of your data before your project starts.

Predictive Dialing

The major benefit of Predictive Dialing is it allows us to speak live for 48 minutes of every hours versus 20 minutes with manual dialing, almost 2.5 times the productivity. Predictive dialing increases contact by filtering disconnected, no answers, voicemails, etc., sending only live voices to our agents. This allows our agents to only focus converting which increases production lowering your cost.

Predictive Dialer Control

  • Individual Predictive dialer setting per campaign
  • Drop-rate Limit
  • Limit call setup per second
  • Allowable Maximum dial-rate
  • Booster rate dialing for low hit-rate
  • Live graph for Agent Status, Dial and Hit-rate, Channel (line) usage

Key Campaign Features

  • Multiple Concurrent Campaigns
  • Caller ID Name and Number insertion
  • Dropped call recording
  • Multi-Tab script pages
  • Custom Wrap-up (Dispositions)
  • Predictive and Preview Dialing
  • Agent assignment to Predictive dialing

Call Recording

Don’t have time to monitor live? We will send you the recordings.  Our Training Department uses this function as a powerful pre-program and in flight training tool for ongoing performance. Recording calls allows us to pinpoint and address specific quality issues. It also serves as a retroactive record for validation and quality control. We also have the ability to set recordings for specific records or at specific points of a script.  Although we encourage you to monitor live, if you are unable to monitor sound files can be sent upon request.  All of our recordings are kept for 3 years.

Voice Broadcast & IVR

Our platform allows you to record a message and upload your phone list, schedule a time & date for your message to go out, and PhonetiCall will place thousands of calls to your clients, customers, or prospects at speeds of up to 500 calls per minute. We also have the ability for your prospects or clients to press a key and instantly connection to you or our call center.  This service is great for consumer alerts, voter outreach, conference registration, and to make consumers or prospects aware of a mailer.

With our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature you have the ability to capture data for survey purposes.  Our platform also allows you to conduct single or multi question polls with real time tracking and analytics as well as cross tabulation reporting.  This feature is great for opinion polls and customer satisfaction surveys.

Dynamic Scripting & Exports

We offer a powerful and easy-to-use script building tool to develop sophisticated agent-customer interaction scripts with ease of integration to web based CRM and external databases.  Our tech resources can implement API plug ins to almost all major SAAS systems.

Agent Web Screen Features

  • Configurable Agent Screen
  • Customizable Screen Layout and Contents
  • Customizable Wrap codes/Dispositions
  • Connection within milliseconds, Hear the 1st ‘Hello’
  • Custom Break/DND codes
  • Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
  • Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
  • Multi-page scripts
  • Client – Customer data and custom fields
  • Get and Post data to your custom web CRM applications
  • Embed your Web Application within the Scripts
  • Integrate our CTI into your existing agent screens

Data Security

We understand data is the number one asset for your organization and we take it serious.


We employ a data center and network architecture purposely built to satisfy even the most security-sensitive organizations in the world.


Working with the global leader in cloud computing, our cloud infrastructure is working towards a number of certifications for a number of international standards, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018.

We are also working on maintaining security protocols to ensure organizations remain compliant with the EU Data Protection Directive and the Model Clauses.

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