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How can Public Opinion Polling help my campaign?

Live Agent

Our flexibility allows us to get in and out of the field expeditiously. The research staff is located in a separate facility from the TeleCampaign team.


Interviews under 7 minutes long are recommended for automated polling.

Data Quality

We have access to 300 million professionals worldwide. Our social data platform allows you to filter through prospects who are most relevant to your business.


By correcting and appending verified e-mails to your files, we engage more people with your content. We also run an analysis on your email health to let you know where your reputation and delivery rates stand.


Our quality starts during the hiring process and continues through our on-going multi-stage training classes. We start by training our Interviewers the basics of Public Opinion Polling.

The next step is a 2 day training class followed by an exam that covers key political terms, call adequate and call strategies. The agents who qualify begin a 10 day “trial” period.

A second set of cuts are made and those who prove themselves capable of our quality and production standards are filtered into the Production floor.  Interviews start on simple 2-5 minute surveys and gradually increase to longer more complex projects.

Scripting & Data Export

The questionnaire application development is completed by our full service tech team. All interviews are programmed to exact specifications set forth by you.

Once the initial programming is completed, we send you a link to review and test branching and question/response rotation. After 2 hours of calling our tech team double checks and verifies accurate data collection and export. Upon passing this inspection, data can then be delivered in a variety of formats according to your preference.

Quality Focused

We have a minimum ratio of one supervisor for every eight interviewers. Our floor Leaders participate in on-going classroom and management training.  They are often hand-picked from our top producing interviewers. Their responsibilities include constant monitoring, validation, and coaching  to ensure the quality and integrity of  the data collection process.

3 Core Benefits of Public Opinion Polling


Opinion polls are typically random interviews of average voters within a certain demographic, therefore the information is generally accurate when it goes outward to the feelings across the entire demographic.


Opinion polls are a simple way to find out how the general public is thinking or feeling about a subject.  This strategy can help your campaign to determine what the best response should be to certain issues.

Fact Checking

Most voters form opinions based on what they see as relevant facts. If those facts can be proven false because of data collected through opinion polls, it becomes possible for people to find a way to change their mind or broaden their perspective.

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